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end of the line

Posted by Maitoz (May 02 2013)


After not realising our goals for t15, I decided to pull the plug on the guild once and for all. It wasn't easy to do but it was necessary, the guild just wasn't what it used to be. Thanks to everyone who was able to stay until the end and thanks to every single person that contributed greatly in the last 6 years.

From the start of the guild we weren't like any other guild out there, ranging from nigger yelling to kkk and hitler banners to alt flaming entire servers. It's been a long run and in this long run I'm proud to say less than 5 people ever left us to join a different guild for progress purpose, people either left us because they couldn't handle it, quit the game because it's the natural thing to do or got kicked because they were mouthbreathing cunts.

I wasn't alone in shaping the guild into what it was at its high and low points. Special thanks to Klazto for having been there with me since day 1, I wish real-life didn't claim you halfway through our venture, but so be it. Thank you Ratama for being the voice of reason on numerous ocassions and giving it to me straight, your experience helped me a lot. Thank you for all your efforts in the periods you were an officer, Secrezy. You weren't always consident in your participation (lol britquits) but when you were there you were great, for a dog, woof. Lastly, officer wise, thank you Hoodini for the early days, we had a blast and the entire guild thanks you for your other contributions.

Below I'll try and thank some of the people that have been key to the longivity and succes of OE, if I didn't mention you then I apologize.

Harm(theone), Xire(mute), Iriess(drugdealer), Sanlow(belg), Lev(hitman), Rakzul(god), Isheh(popper),Rancbra(landan), Antifacti(tukker), Hank(lesbozone), Lumb(1600), Vague, Kremlan(;-------D), Icek(ICC), Divinity, Svn(horsebackriding), Shion(stats), Tiwix(cunt), Rappah(shames), Xhoi(apologize), Implied(cbakicking), Nostyx(cocklover), Zen(hejsan), Marfy(eeih), Kahena(sisterslayer), Eula(pakiman), Gimperii(troll), Wormie(mathemagician), Dablitz(alwayshere), Trenver(noaggro), Jowker(oldturk), Perdition(buzie), Takamura(mamoru), Khaaos(vell), Fallsilent(NO!), Damare and even Meano(MIDGETME).

Maybe we'll play together again at one point, probably not, but who knows. It's been a blast and I don't regret investing a lot of time into this for the last 6 years.

Thanks and good luck.


primordius down on 10 man hardmode

Posted by Maitoz (Apr 09 2013)


Best fight so far, cy@ tank n spank. Oh and some healing and picking up adds (hard apparently).

Quite desperately recruiting 1 or 2 core raider(s)

1x Shadow Priest/Ele Shaman/Balance Druid/Warlock
1x Disc Priest/Holy Paladin
1x Rogue/DK


durumu the forgotten down on 10 man hardmode

Posted by Maitoz (Apr 07 2013)


After a few low % wipes we finally managed to get through the final light phase and kill the nigger. Shit loot as usual with thunderforged whogivesafuck cloth leggings and tankloot.

ps fuck pet despawning

Recruiting: 1x Shadowpriest/Elemental Shaman


iron cron council down on 10 man hardmode

Posted by Maitoz (Apr 02 2013)


Pretty easy fight and a nice change from CANCERINFESTMEGAEARAREARE RNG.



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